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How PBM Clinical Services Improve Patient Care
By Edward C. Lawrence, Ph.D., Ellen N. Briskin, Ph.D. and Jane Qu, MBA
University of Missouri-St. Louis (July 31, 2012)

Clinical services provided by PBMs to their members include a variety of safety, adherence, educational, behavioral, and informational resources. Many of these clinic services overlap in their goals of ensuring the best evidence-based healthcare and providing cost savings by obtaining the lowest prices on the most effective medicines available for each covered condition. Since prescription drugs account for a significant share of health care expenses in the U.S., it is critical that these drugs be managed with the goal of providing the greatest medical efficacy for members while reining in costs. Not taking medications as prescribed (non-adherence) can result in severe negative effects, including hospital admissions or even death. This paper provides a brief overview of the most recent developments in encouraging patient adherence.

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