Drug Trend Reports

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Three of the largest pharmacy players in the U.S. — CVS, Express Scripts, and Walgreens — have each recently released their latest drug trends reports. Specialty drugs, which are expected to fill an ever increasing percentage of total drug spending over the next several decades, are discussed in detail in all three reports. Express Scripts shared new insights into why patients are non-adherent to their prescriptions and how to address this problem. This report also addressed the issue of pharmacy waste. The CVS report provided more information on generic dispensing rate trends, generic efficiency rate trends, and price inflation of brand-name vs. generic trends. The Walgreens report was solely focused on Specialty Drug Benefits.

CVS Caremark 2012 Insights Report

Walgreens 2012 Specialty Drug Benefit Report

Express Scripts 2011 Drug Trend Report

Express Scripts 2011 Specialty Drug Trend Report