Is Lip-Augmentation Is Suitable for You?

If you think that lip-augmentation is all about enhancing lip-volume only, then you are wrong. Sometimes, the lip-size reduction is included under the same cosmetic process. Both lip size and shape can be easily maintained with lip cosmetic surgery. Choosing the best surgeon will be the wisest decision in this respect.

If you are not happy with your lip structure, then you can choose this option as the best solution. You can now flaunt your lips naturally without any artificial appeal. Both artificial and natural elements are being injected into your lips, and you have to make the best selection out of these two options.

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Primary Goals:

  • One of the main goals of lip-augmentation is an enhancement of lip value and beauty.
  • You can now receive a great smile with this procedure.
  • Lip defects, especially lack pulpiness, unevenness and others can be effectively repaired by this process.
  • Youthful and natural pout can be enjoyed for a long time.
  • Ageing-lines around the lips can be easily eliminated, and thus your smile looks much more attractive.

Ideal Candidates:

Lipstick lines can be reduced along with the enhancement of lip-volume with the lip-augmentation process. If you think that your desire for getting beautiful lips will make you eligible for this cosmetic procedure, then you are wrong.

This is because innumerable factors need to be determined in this respect ad some of the most prominent ones are lip condition, medical considerations, benefits and complications associated with the concerned process and other related ones. Breastfeeding condition or pregnancy needs to be avoided.

If you are already undergoing any treatment for any serious or chronic diseases especially skin diseases, then you will lose your eligibility for having this procedure. Only healthy lips can be treated well with this cosmetic surgery. This surgery is suitable for only adults who have crossed 18-years. You should not have any existing issue of allergies or infections.

Medical Considerations:

  • Preexisting allergies need to be disclosed so that the doctor can take the right decision accordingly.
  • Before applying anesthesia, you should disclose to your surgeon that whether you have got breathing issues or not otherwise you might experience chronic allergic reactions.
  • Since lip-augmentation is of varied types, therefore you should ask your doctor which type is suitable for satisfying your requirement. Make sure that the option your surgeon has finalized is safe for your lips.
  • Only those lip-augmentation products need to be used that have been approved by FDA. This is because FDA-approved products are considered as safe.
  • Both cosmetic and medical requirements should be considered before making a section of the most suitable option.
  • The volume of filler components or elements can be decided by the treatment timing.

The lip-augmentation process is not complicated at all rater it hardly takes few minutes to get completed. But the patients should take necessary precautions before and after the treatment to realize optimum effectiveness without inviting any side-effects.

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