Simple Yoga Postures for Glowing Skin

Yoga is an art form that is practised globally focusing on the long list of health benefits that it can cater to. In a world that is running crazy behind artificial remedies, if there is one thing that people practice patiently then it is yoga. Yoga not only improves the internal health but also improves the external look and makes your skin glowing.

So if there are natural ways to keep your skin glowing without having to visit the parlour, then you must give it a try. These yoga postures involve a lot of facial muscles, which most of the times go unnoticed, that gives the skin a glowing look.

There are a lot of traditional yoga postures that have an impact on your skin and face. Some of them are as follows:

  • Surya Namaskar as it is traditionally called, or simply Sun Salutation is the most renowned form of exercise that is globally practised, despite being an Asian form of devotion.
  • Padmasana: The person takes the form of a lotus and performs this yoga. Lotus is believed to be a flower with a lot of cosmic power in it. This will induce energy and restores power.
  • Dhanurasana: It is one among the three main back stretching exercises. This yoga involves a lot of stretching that it brightens you up if it is done during the early hours of the day.
  • There are also other yoga postures like Sarvangasana and Halasana that quickens up your blood flow. So if these exercises are carried out on a regular basis, they help in improving the glow of your skin

These facial exercises not only improve the look of the face but also have a lot more benefits, which are listed as under:

  • Facial exercises instantly wake up your face and help you to stay fresh all throughout the day.
  • Most of these facial muscles are connected to other parts of the body and thereby they have an impact there too.
  • Facial Massaging also involves other techniques like touch therapy. The moment you touch the facial muscles, the organs that are related to these muscles work better. Touch therapy is simply an act of stimulation. This stimulation helps the organs function better than before.
  • Facial exercises give your face a better shape. It improves the blood flow. This is the reason why the face glows when facial exercises are done on a regular basis.
  • Most of these exercises are flexible and are user-friendly. While one version of the exercise makes your face look chubby, the reverse version will narrow down your face.
  • The best part is that even simple exercises like breath in and breath out can have an impact on your health.

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